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Wine Region: Piemonte

Winemaker: Daniele Lequio

Total Acreage Under Vine: 62 acres

Estate Founded: 1940’s

Winery Production: 9,500 cases

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Azienda Agricola Prinsi is a premier estate belonging to the Lequio family in the magnificent territory of Barbaresco. Their Nebbiolo vineyards are all first-growth ‘crus’ located within the commune of Neive. This close-knit family benefits from 90 years of winemaking tradition passed from generation to generation since the grandfather Ottavio began bottling his own grapes in the 1940’s. Two generations are currently present in the daily operations – Franco, Ottavio’s son, who supervises the agricultural part of the winery together with his wife Silvana, and their son Daniele, the winemaker, who is fueled by his passion for making memorable wines.

Location of the Vineyards

The winery estate is comprised of 62 acres all within the Barbaresco area. There are three single vineyards dedicated solely to Nebbiolo – Gaia Principe surrounding the cantina, Fausoni with a southwest exposure and Gallina located within Barbaresco’s most famous ridge. Additionally they grow Dolcetto, Barbera, Chardonnay, and Sauvignon Blanc.


Winemaker Daniele Lequio understands that he is making wines with a 90 year tradition, and has the highest respect for the history of the area, but at the same time feels that a using modern approach to vinification and aging can be the best of both worlds. He is therefore using the newest technologies available to produce wines that are attractive to the current generation of wine buyers. He feels that historically Nebbiolo wines did not appeal to many younger wine drinkers due to their high bitter tannins, but with modern winemaking techniques and small barrel aging, Daniele can deliver wines that open up quickly, have more ‘sweet’ tannins and don’t require years of aging to be enjoyable.