Enotec Imports, Inc. | About Us
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About Us

Our Mission

Enotec Imports is an Italian fine wine import company representing boutique and mid-size, family owned and operated wineries. Our focus is on quality wines of distinction, soul and tradition that reflect the unique character of Italy’s diverse regions. Enotec Imports’ comprehensive portfolio includes over 75 indigenous varietals from some of the most prominent growing regions throughout Italy. Our wineries strive to maintain the winemaking traditions of their region in order to produce wines of the highest quality and the best value.

Our producers are committed to using sustainable growing methods and earth-friendly farming. We believe that small estates can offer the highest quality and uncompromising standards at every step of the growing and winemaking process.

Enotec Imports represents both ‘classic’ and ‘new generation’ winemakers in our portfolio. Regardless of the wine making technique, both styles produce expressive wines of character and balance that reflect their place of origin.

Enotec Imports maintains stateside inventory of 100% of our portfolio available from our California warehouse and additionally, we offer a New Jersey D.I. (winery direct) shipping program.

Our President

Blair Taylor has been in the wine business since 1976, as distributor, importer, and restaurant owner (Barolo Grill, Denver). In the early 1990’s, Blair recognized that many of the fine artisan wines of Italy were not available outside of New York City. He envisioned that Enotec Imports could be the vehicle to bring these ‘treasures’ to more markets so that independent restaurants and wine shops across the US could have access to them.

Each estate and each wine are carefully selected by Blair, who has cultivated personal, long-term relationships throughout Italy for over 25 years, resulting in one of the finest import portfolios in the United States.

Our Philosophy

We did not inherit the Earth from our forefathers, we are borrowing it from our descendants. - Ralph Waldo Emerson

Organic purity is more than just a way of farming and winemaking – it is also a philosophy.

The cornerstone of organic farming is the soil. A vineyard that has been sprayed with pesticides looks like the surface of Mars. There is not a weed (nor bug) to be seen, and the dirt is lifeless – hard as a rock. Organic vineyards, in contrast, are a riot of life—cover crops fill lushly in between the rows of vines, which help distract any nasty pests and renew the biologically active soil. Bees buzz, birds chirp and ladybugs fly overhead. This is nature at her finest: renewing herself in cooperation with the guiding hand of the winemaker, not with a toxic chemical one-two punch.

Earth-friendly means wines that are free of pesticides, herbicides, chemical fertilizers and other synthetic chemicals. Essential preservatives (Sulfur Dioxide or Sulfites) are kept to a minimum. Grapes are often picked by hand and the wines made gently, with minimal handling and filtration. In the cellar, modern and traditional techniques are combined, producing the best possible wines.

Enotec Imports is proud to work with Italian wineries that are dedicated to earth-friendly farming and winemaking philosophies, where respect for nature and long term visions of the future are always first and foremost.