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Wine Region: Puglia

Winemaker: Giovanni di Mastrogiovanni

Total Acreage Under Vine: 2.5 acres

Estate Founded: 1950s

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Cantina Moros

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Cantina Moros is the smallest and most specialized of Claudio Quarta’s three wineries; a tiny vineyard and a single cellar established to make and refine only one wine, the eponymous Moros.  This wine is produced in small quantities and is a true rarity on the national and international scene. Recalling the dark color of Negroamaro, the name Moros celebrates the Greek god Moros, Eméra’s brother, and keeper of the row of Fate. With Moros, Claudio Quarta has realized his dream of ”One Vineyard, One Winery, dedicated to One Wine”. He has obtained a cru of excellence using vines that are more than three decades old, and by focusing on the authentic essence of a wine that’s become an integral part of Salento’s history, Salice Salentino Riserva.  Moros may be the only winery in Puglia dedicated to the exclusive production of one wine in such limited quantities – just 6,000 bottles are bottled each year.


True to historic Salento tradition, the grapes come from head-trained vines of both Negroamaro and Malvasia Nera. All stages of production take in a unique context; cultivation on an old vineyard covering just over 2.5 acres (recovered and place restored to its original splendor by Claudio Quarta in 2012), vinification in a winery dating back to the 1950s, (today a beacon of post-industrial architecture), where the wooden barrels alternate with beautiful modern art, and where the underground cellar houses the prized archaeological finds of “Museum of the Symposium”.  The vineyard is a unique place where the osmotic bond between art and wine reveals the identity of the winemaker Claudio Quarta.