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Wine Region: Abruzzo

Winemaker: Riccardo Brighigna

Total Acreage Under Vine: 7413 acres

Estate Founded: 1960

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In Abruzzo, quality is a distinct reflection of the land, and Cantina Tollo certainly symbolizes an outstanding authenticity to the wines while being anchored to a sound spirit of cooperation.

Founded over 55 years ago, Cantina Tollo is a cooperative that grew out of the passion of a handful of members, and today is symbolic of the Abruzzese approach to modern winemaking. Cantina Tollo played a leading role in the sixties and seventies during an exciting period for winemaking which brought the Abruzzo region to life. The winery helped bring radical change to the local wine-cultivation landscape. Cantina Tollo is a place where time honored traditions are balanced by innovation which is apparent when you see large Slovenian oak casks and barrels alongside modern facilities.

Cantina Tollo was awarded the title of “Producer of the Year” in 2010 (Mundus Vini) and in that same year, was designated “Best European Cooperative” by the German magazine, Weinwirtschaft.

Location of Vineyard

Cantina Tollo wines are deeply rooted in the rolling Abruzzo hills, which slope down from the Apennines toward the Adriatic Sea. The winery is located 13 miles inland from the town of Pescara, which sits on the Adriatic. The vineyards extend over an area of more than 3000 hectares from the coastal hills to the slopes of Maiella, in a typically Mediterranean climate. Their production focuses exclusively on typical and indigenous grape varieties of the region, cultivated in the traditional method on pergolas, with a pursuit of experimentation both in the vineyard and the cellar.

Natural splendor abounds in this region, it is the only region in Europe to have devoted one-third of its land to nature preserves.

Winemaking Philosophy

Riccardo Brighigna leads the Cantina Tollo wine production team, made up of enologists Daniele Ferrante and Enrico Mucci. Born in Umbria but with Abruzzo as his adopted home, Ricardo received the Cangrande Medal for winemaking in 2013 from Vinitaly for his contribution to the development of viticulture and the enhancement of Italian enology. Voted twice (2005 and 2012) “Oenologist of the Year” by the Abruzzo branch of the Italian Sommelier Association.

Riccardo’s choice to work only in Abruzzo region is linked to his philosophy that “to achieve convincing results, it is essential to experience the land and follow the wines day by day, interpreting the signals that nature sends us.” He is a pioneer in Abruzzo in the technique of skin fermented white wine.