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Wine Region: Toscana

Winemaker: Elisabetta Fanetti

Total Acreage Under Vine: Approx. 45 acres

Estate Founded: mid- 1800’s with Vino Nobile in 1921

Winery Production: 7,500 cases (wine) and 300 cases (olive oil)

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The Tenuta Sant’Agnese Estate has been producing wines, olive oil and grains in Montepulciano since the mid 1800’s, originally by Elisabetta Fanetti’s great great grandfather Giuseppe Andreucci.

In the 1920’s Elisabetta’s grandfather Adamo Fanetti converted additional land from the estate to grape production and began the Cantine Fanetti. He is recognized as one of the founding fathers of what today is called Vino Nobile di Montepulciano, as he was the first to revive the production of this wine which had been made in the classical and medieval ages. In 1921, Adamo began to produce Vino Nobile, spreading its name in Italy and abroad, showcasing it at festivals and winning numerous international awards.

The estate encompasses 277 total acres in the heart of the Vino Nobile production area and has been run by three generations beginning with Adamo, followed by Giuseppe, and currently by Elisabetta who acquired her father’s secrets having accompanied him through the vineyards throughout her life. Elisabetta runs the estate and the winery with the same passion and commitment as both her father and grandfather, and while she is certainly innovative, she is always respectful of the region and its traditions.

Fanetti sells its wines throughout Italy and abroad. The winery has an excellent international reputation, exporting principally to the United States, Switzerland, Germany and Sweden.

 Location of Vineyards

Of the 240 acres of land on the slopes below the old town of Montepulciano, 45 acres are vineyards, and 25 are dedicated olive groves, which Elisabetta produces into an excellent extra virgin olive oil. The remaining land is forest and grain fields.

The southeast position of the vineyards combined with the excellent quality of the sandy Pliocene clay guarantees exceptional grape quality. The average altitude of the vineyards is 340 meters above sea level, an excellent height for cultivating this particular clone of Sangiovese, known as Prugnolo Gentile. The typical age of the vines is between 20 and 45 years.  Field planted with the Sangiovese are small amounts of Canaiolo, Mammolo, Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon. Additionally on the estate there is a small vineyard of Trebbiano and Malvasia for production of Vin Santo, produced only in the best years.

Winemaking Philosophy

The outstanding quality of the estate’s wines is achieved by having a personal approach to the vineyard work, taking care not to push the vines too much, and by following organic sustainable techniques. Traditional methods are used for the winemaking processes, together with a meticulous selection of handpicked grapes, to produce the Vino Nobile and the Rosso di Montepulciano wines. As Elisabetta states, “even though it’s more expensive because of the manpower and additional work it requires, the best Vino Nobile comes from the oldest vines, and you can’t use machines for those, the grape harvest is done by hand. The quality is better: if you want quality wine, you must care about the details.”