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Wine Region: Alto Adige

Winemaker: Andrea Moser

Total Acreage Under Vine: 740 acres

Estate Founded: 1906

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Kaltern is one of the most important high quality wine producers in Alto Adige. The winery functions as a cooperative with over 400 members who together farm vineyards totaling over 740 acres. The vineyards are almost entirely worked by hand with strict guidelines established by the cooperative members and supervised by the cellar master. Many of the vineyards have been and still are tended by the same family, passed down from one generation to the next.

Location of Vineyard

The Kaltern winery is located in Italy’s northernmost province of Alto Adige, in the Alps where Italy meets Austria and two cultures merge into one. The vineyards range from 300 to 550 meters above Lake Caldaro. The single vineyard wines sit well above the valley floor with south southeast exposure. The mountains surrounding the town on all sides of the vineyards provide cooling breezes in the evenings after the very warm days. The generous soil is limestone and clay-based near the lakeside, changing to volcanic limestone higher on the hills. The property covers an area with approximately sixty single-vineyard locations that have a wide range in micro-climates and are planted with 45% white varieties and 55% red varieties. The area is also well-known for apple growing. The region is the only one in Italy that can claim 98% of its production is classified as D.O.C.

Winemaking Philosophy

Andrea Moser is the winemaker with a great reputation for producing quality wines from mountain climates. He oversees all phases of the path of the grapes, from vineyard management to winemaking, aging and bottling. He appreciates that most of the growers now practice organic farming and he personally handles the grapes from their vineyards in the cellar in accordance with all natural principles. Irrigation is restricted to supplementary situations, which encourages the vines to develop deep root systems, contributing to balanced plant growth and a natural intake of nutrients.