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Wine Region: Piemonte

Winemaker: Mauro Franchino

Total Acreage Under Vine: 7.4 acres

Estate Founded: 1940

Winery Production: 950 cases

Mauro Franchino

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Gattinara is one of a string of small villages and wine zones in northwest Italy that is home to some of Italy’s most noble red wines. Winemaker, Mauro Franchino has personally harvested and produced over 50 vintages! He sells the majority of his grapes to a large cooperative in the area, but retains 30% of the harvest from his most mature vines for his two wines.

Mauro Franchino is a modest man with an abundance of passion and a quest for greatness. He has devoted his life to the 7.4 acres that he meticulously works by himself. Similarly, he produces the wine solely by himself in his ancient stone house. In normal vintages, the Franchino winery only produces 950 cases.

Location of Vineyards

The Mauro Franchino vineyards are located in the northern part of the region, and centrally located in the Lorghe zone, just west of the “Gattinara Tower.” If you love the Nebbiolo grape, you will be enamored with Gattinara. It is as wonderful as its more famous neighbors in Barolo and Barbaresco – just as profound and complex, but due to differing soils, climate, and history, it is just DIFFERENT. Fog is rare in these hills and in the winter it snows frequently which helps the slow soil sedimentation process. These characteristics make Gattinara wines very unique, offering a huge range of olfactory sensations.

Winemaking Philosophy

Gattinara undergoes an aging regimen similar to that of Barolo; Mauro chooses to age his for 4 years in large French Oak barrels (botti), with one additional year of bottle aging before release. A good Gattinara is all about the heady, rosy perfume of the Nebbiolo grape. Gattinara wines are a little higher in acid and tend to be little leaner than their southeastern cousins. Mauro’s Gattinara is a perfect reflection of the traditional, old-world style in both depth and earthy complexity.