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Winery region: Friuli

Date estate founded: 1931

Winemaker: Flavio Colussi

Total acreage under vine: apx. 1475 acres

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The Naonis winery is a small-batch division of Viticoltori Friulani La Delizia, which was established in 1931 as Cantina Sociale Cooperativa Destra Tagliamento, in the region Friuli Venezia Giulia. The Naonis vineyard is within the “Prosecco” D.O.C. area that has a historical vocation to the viticulture and to a production that obtains wines with a strong identity and character.


The production area includes a wide surface on the plain of the Friuli Region. In this land, well-known for its profound winemaking expertise, the nature of the soil and the particularly mild climate have contributed to create the best conditions for the vine growth.

This wine is obtained from grapes carefully selected directly at the vineyard. Such selection takes place in the respect of utmost care and precision required by our wine experts. The base wine is added with selected yeasts and sugar, then takes place a fermentation under controlled temperature in pressured tank. After the filtration procedure the wine is bottled using modern technologies.