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Wine Region: Piemonte

Winemaker: Maurilio Palladino

Total Acreage Under Vine: 75 acres

Estate Founded: 1974

Winery Production: 12,640 cases

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Azienda Vinicola Palladino sits nestled in the town of Serralunga d’Alba, in the heart of Barolo, one of Italy’s premier wine-making regions. The Serralunga (long ridge) commune has a distinct reputation within the Barolo towns, not only being the most southeast of the Langhe hills and furthest from the Tanaro river but also having the oldest soil composition (calcarous clay) giving the wines great elegance and structure.

The Palladino winery sits in the center of the village, with a castle perched high above that dates back to the 14th century. Palladino is one of the oldest wineries in Serralunga d’Alba, dating back to 1870. The winery was purchased by the Palladino cousins, Maurilio (winemaker) and Mauro in 1978. Since then they have completely restored and remodeled the winery and added the most advanced cellar equipment while maintaining their ‘classic approach’ to winemaking.

Location of Vineyards

Palladino grows their Nebbiolo grapes in seven single vineyard locations all within the Serralunga commune. The vineyards are primarily owned by the Palladino’s with a small amount coming from trusted growers, with whom they have had long relationships.

All the vineyards are tended with the same philosophy: first and foremost to respect nature and secondly to only use natural organic and sustainable farming methods. All work is done by hand in the most traditional way, with a great attention to detail, in order to bring into the winery the best quality possible.

Winemaking Philosophy

All grapes arrive to the winery in small containers. Fermentation is done in temperature controlled computerized stainless steel fermenters generally following the ‘classic philosophy’ of long 30+ day fermentation. Maurilio feels that this slower technique gives the wines greater elegance and more layers of flavors for the more powerful structured wines of the Serralunga vineyards.

There are different cellar rooms for the two methods of aging. The first one, more modern, promotes the use of 225 litres barrels (barriques) or 500 litres barrels (tonneaux) made of either French or Portuguese wood. The second aging cellar, more classic, uses large barrels (botti) made of Slovenian and French oak. This classic/modern approach defines the ‘Palladino’ style. The wines are then blended before bottle aging.