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Wine Region: Friuli

Winemaker: Fulvio Zorzettig

Total Acreage Under Vine: 140 acres

Estate Founded: 1945

Winery Production: 18,000 cases

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Ronchi di Pietro

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“The Soul of Our Land” written in Friulian “L’Anima Della Nostra Terra” on every label, properly describes Ronchi di Pietro’s passion for their wines and terroir.

Franco and Fulvio Zorzettig (father and son) love to walk on their family’s land and remember Pietro, their grandfather who over 70 years ago began the winery and was able to pass along his dream from generation to generation. He felt that the quality of grapes comes from knowing your own land, allowing it to grow and develop its potential.

The winery is famous for the little white church of San Giuseppe, built in 1522 as a place of worship and rest for pilgrims, and restored by the Zorzettig Family who adopted it as a symbol of tradition. The decorative family crest is comprised of the little church, along with the historic Roman forum in the city of Cividale.

Location of Vineyards

The Colli Orientali del Friuli zone lies between the Friulian Alps which protects it from the cold north winds, and the Adriatic Sea. It creates an ideal microclimate that allows gradual ripening of the grapes, creating that concert of fragrances, aromas and flavors that make the wines so unique and prized. The vineyards are at an altitude averaging 400 meters and are terraced on gently rolling hills, which is ideal for quality viticulture. The Colli Orientali del Friuli is considered one of the most prestigious zones for wine production in all of Italy.